Reframing Richard Branson’s line of thought, I believe, if you can’t explain your product or service in a 1-minute video, it’s rubbish. 

But, hey! Great storytellers were not born; They are made.

With 6 years in professional photography and 3 years in creating promotional videos for businesses I have the expertise to help you get your message heard and your products and services seen in a way that will produce better brand recognition, more sales, and bigger social media engagement)


Just as every book needs a title, a great business like yours, needs an original visual story for your:


1. mission statement, 

2. services and products, 

3. brand’s recognition.

I’m here to help you stand out of the crowd of same all same all !

I’ve seen it happen too often…

You enter the entrepreneurship with the amazing dream of living, breathing and profiting from your passion. However, before you know it, you become another me-too business competing on prices, not having enough interesting content to keep your people coming back.


You feel like you have so much to offer but your message is not being heard or seen.


If you’re here You know you’re NOT another me-too brand. You’re YOU, and there’s nobody like you out there. You believe you can change the world. 


What YOU have to offer is one of a kind service or product, or both. You have a unique style and your own message behind your business. 


Let’s make your message heard! Let’s make it stand out from the crowd so there’s no second guessing who you are and what your business stands for!

Ewa brings an artful and experienced eye to her work. I’m always so impressed with her ability to turn a regular day, experience into something cool and beautiful!!



All packages will be highly customized depending on your and my schedule and the amount of work required to start rocking the heck out of your marketing. Each package has one-on-one sessions included. Those will give you the clarity and peace of mind of what’s ahead. It also includes social media calendar you can easily implement yourself or let me manage it for you is (available as an add-on option).

Add-ons, like stock photography, creating marketing print materials or managing your social media accounts are also available. When you work with me your business becomes my business.

But first, we need to meet for a coffee or a walk, or a coffee walk. So, let’s chat!