Struggling with creating interesting online content for your business on regular basis?!?

Become a bottomless well of ideas for marketing materials and eye-catching social media posts.


In this guide you are going to receive:

– 6 apps recommendations (mostly free) to start your creative juices flowing,

– 20 ideas of social media posts you can create with those apps RIGHT AWAY! 

About Ewa

While working on her master degree in Mass Media Education, she fell in love with gathering real people stories through radio interviews. Later, in her career as a photographer, she learned how to connect with people through photographs.

Today she helps business owners tell their stories through videos.

As a teenager, she was ridiculed for wanting to make a career as an artist and was sent to a school to become a bookkeeper.

Today she helps business owners to master the process of becoming more creative in their businesses. She uses her creativity to help them tell their stories in an authentic but also artistic way.

She is the owner of Mom Photographer Designs, Ewa Samples Photography and Ewa Samples The Visual Storyteller.  

Let’s Collaborate


From showing you or your team a way how to dream big and make those dreams a reality using dream boards to jumpstarting your business on the go using nothing more but a phone. Pick a topic that interests you the most and let’s learn the awesome ways you can improve yourself, your business, and your team! 

In-person coaching

After our first meeting, I’ll present you with customized to your field plan on how to tackle your social media content creating process with a list of content  ideas, tips, and step by step plan.

Video production

Reframing Richard Branson’s line of thought, I believe, if you can’t explain your product or service in a 1-minute video, it’s rubbish. However, I rather believe you just need a little help with your marketing efforts, that’s all.  

Just as every book needs a title, a great business like yours, needs an original visual story. 


Workshops / Speaking Events

“Dream it. Plan it. Achieve it with dream boards.” Because it all starts with a dream! Goals planning for creative brains.
“Create Marketing Videos using iPhone only.”
“Take better pictures with your phone for better online presence.”

“Become a social media content creating machine”

Let’s grab a drink

And let’s talk about all the things you’d like to do with your business. And I will tell you how can I help you to tell your story in an authentic to  your brand way!