Reframing Richard Branson’s line of thought, I believe, if you can’t explain your product or service in a 1-minute video, it’s rubbish.

But, hey! Great storytellers were not born; They are made.

That’s where I come into the picture.

(With 6 years in professional photography and 3 years in creating promotional videos for businesses I have the expertise to help you get your message heard and your products and services seen in a way that will produce better brand recognition, more sales and bigger social media engagement)

Just as every book needs a title, a great business like yours, needs an original visual story for your:

1. mission statement,

2. services and products,

3. brand’s recognition.

I’m here to help you create it!

I am certified in sarcasm.

I’m an expert in finding myself on the bathroom floor, Elizabeth Gilbert style. 

I dream about moving to a beautiful rustic modern (huh?) cottage, in the middle of the woods, to live my badass life while running a badass business and working with badass clients like YOU. 

… and doing all that without having to grow balls.

E-vuh (as Ewa) Samples

(just so there’s no confusion)