Dream Board Workshop Morgan Hill Library

Yesterday, I led a Dream Board Workshop in Morgan Hill Library. Planning the workshop with Jeannie, one of the librarians, we decided to get about 25 boards, and we had to cut some in half to have enough at the end 🙂

The workshop was starting at 7 pm, however, people were showing up at 6:30 pm. Right away some of them got to work. There were also walk-ins interested in trying their luck with the dream board.

Dream Board Workshop Morgan Hill Library

How would you need to change your life, so it feels more like you live it to its fullest potential?

I would guess, probably a lot. But let’s start with something basic, something that’s not really that much of a stretch for you. If you’ve never done it before. If you did, and feel comfortable with it, then go as crazy as you want. I think it helps to get you rolling even harder and with more power. Remember,

plan for bumps on the way.

so don’t get discouraged, and join the Dream Board FB group.

For those hard moments, when you feel like nothing is working, or everything is working against you, the board will be there. It keeps you motivated when all seems to be falling apart. This is a reminder of where you are going, and that this goal is more important than all the noise and obstacles. It also helps you to get honest and clear with yourself. Because let’s get honest. If something is not important you will not be willing to fight for it. Will you?

The dream board is for dreaming and imagining the best YOU possible. 

Don’t hesitate to put yourself as a priority. I was having a chit chat with Tracey from ZingPop Social Media the other day, and she asked me: „what are your two priorities these days. I told her, MY GIRLS and I. If I don’t have ME and this ME is not taken care of, nothing else can be done right. I can’t contribute in the society or even in my own life, as a mother and as a healthy human being.

Your dream board is for You. It’s not to satisfy people’s visions about you. It’s to become honest and true with yourself and decide what is important in your life and what is not. 

Yesterday, we gathered kids, teenagers, moms and expecting moms, even grandmas. Sitting all in one room, taking the first step in actually reaching for goals. 

Some participants came with cutouts already in folders. They said they’ve been cutting things out for years but never got around to organize them all on the board to stay inspired. Some of the women heard about the concept and always wanted to try it. Hearing about the workshop made them excited. They finally could get to their next step: creating the actual board.

Now it’s time to finish it, hang it, and stay positive, ladies! That’s the next step.

Remember, the only way to get there is to believe that YOU CAN!


Thanks all for coming.

Join our Dream Board FB group and share your story.

For everybody who would want to join us in real life, cutting, gluing, dreaming and chit chatting stop by the next workshop. 

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