On February 11th I had an amazing opportunity to lead my dream board workshop in San Jose. Those women who showed up and amazing gals who want and are inspired to do something remarkable in their lives.

dream board workshop ewa samples san jose morgan hill

We spent that entire afternoon chatting about goals, dreams, and life. We made new plans and we put them on our dream boards. I left the workshop feeling pretty good about life. I realized that even if I made an impact on only one person that day that’s an amazing thing. I wanted to put roots in that feeling and be able to repeat it over and over again.

Yesterday, not entire 3 weeks after the workshop, one of the participants wrote on our FB group:

“My Vision Board was completed and my first dream came true. My hair is so short and I am loving it! It also helped that Black Panther came out and I saw so many strong women with short hair. I also went on a mini trip to Hearst Castle and loved it! Thank you so much for getting me to focus and complete this project. It really has made an impact in only a few short weeks! I am so happy!!!”

I couldn’t be happier with that message. I made my entire day. This is why I decided to lead those workshops. To help people focus on their goals and in the process of achieving them feel happy and be inspired, not burnt out. This is like adding a little bit of magic into your daily life, and your goals setting process.

If you surround yourself with words and images representing wisdom and happiness these words and images become a part of you.

Dream board doesn’t have to be made on the 1st of January of each year. It can be made on July 15th or December 28th. It really doesn’t matter. Every single day is the perfect day to decide you want to take charge of your life and chase your dreams like a motherfucker. Seriously.

Here is my iPhone production from the workshop.

Hope to see you around during one of the many events organized by my friends and me around the Bay Area. I’ll keep you posted here, on my FB page and FB group.


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