Imagine you know how to add a powerful kick to your goal setting process!!!

Imagine you can really SEE your dream life or your dream career EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Imagine having goals and dreams feel exciting and fun!!!


Only 8 percent people achieve their golas

Would you like to be in that 8% group!?!

Only a few people write down their goals. Even less, revisits them daily, weekly, or even monthly. The dream board will draw powerful habits into your daily life…

…and that’s when the magic begins! 



some say, it’s MAGIC.

Some say it’s PSYCHOLOGY.

Some say it’s the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

It simply comes down to how our brains work.

I was in a very dark place whene I created my very fist dream board in 2015.

Having a previous back injury, two pregnancies, and post partum depression, one picture drew a special attention while flipping through magazines. I felt  something special about it. It became a center of my dream board. Within 6 months I had booked a session with Robert Sturman. 6 months later I was in front of his camera re-producing what was in the center of my dream board. Re-claiming my health and my life. 

Oprah Winfrey swears by vision boards, Ellen DeGeneres makes them! Jim Carrey and Kellan Lutzz use them to manifest their success.

During 4 years of making it, I’ve learned how to make the vision board more powerful and effective. During my workshop, I’m going to teach you some of my secrets.


You are going to learn how to make dream board and how to make it WORK FOR YOU!

I’m available for private dream board making sessions, as well as group coaching. If your business includes a team of people, this workshop is a great way to create a sense of common goal within the team. We can come up with a clear goal for your company and focus this workshop on that goal – that will boost the productivity as well as creativity within your team members. 

I provide all the materials necessary! You provide the location! 

This workshop is great for a girls-night-out with your business partners or friends. In that case, let me know if you need a location, and I can provide you with that, as well. 

YES! to creative ways to follow my dreams and set new goals


  • Materials provided: glue, scissors, whiteboard and magazines. You’re welcome to bring your own inspiring images and quotes, as well as old magazines you’d like share with others. Bring your quotes and images already PRINTED! (it doesn’t have to be a fancy photocopy paper, BUT IT SHOULD BE IN COLOR)
  • Access to a private Facebook Group of like-minded badass ladies, who are serious about setting up goals and achieving them like rockstars! You will be able to ask questions or ask for help whenever you feel stuck or unmotivated.
  • Pre-workshop exercise that will help you to get more clarity about your goals and dreams. This exercise is a very important part of your vision board to become very powerful!

Dream board is a visual way to:


Set goals, dreams, visions you want to achieve in the next month / year.

All you need is to look through a bunch of magazines, printed materials, old pictures. The next step is cutting out images and quotes that speak to you. During the workshop, I’m going to teach you how to pick the best images and words. The last step of the process is to arrange the cut out materials on your white board. I’ll explain it to you how to do it in order for the vision board to be more powerful in achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams.





Be constantly motivated and focused on your goals / dreams / visions.

When a distraction appears on the horizon, having the dream bord within a reach will reminds you what’s really important and what is just a noise you should ignore.

Dream Board will keep you motivated and focused the whole time.

Access to a private FB group where you can stay motivated, ask questions, share your journey is also going to help – quite a lot!!!



Make the things you want in your life and business appear in your life. (with a bit of hard work)

It’s almost like magic. “Almost” because don’t you think, you won’t need to work towards your goals and dreams! You will! However, the board is better then any other planner and bullet journal available on this planet. With this board on your side you’re going to communicate with the Universe more clearly and more loudly what you want to get and how you want to feel!

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A staggering 92 percent of people that set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them! Let’s make a commitment not to be in that group in 2018!!!