Taking on the online content creation one post at a time...

Lost in the choices of what social media would be perfect for your business?

Using some of them but without consistency?

Struggling with creating interesting content for your social media to drive more engagement, leads, and sales?

I’m here to help you get some things straight. It’s not black magic, I promise. It’s actually pretty fun.  Scroll down to see what workshops and private coaching sessions I can offer you to boost your social media presence on a variety of platforms. 

Not sure what content your audience would like to see or read? Let me do the research for you and present you with a variety of topics related to your business and ready to turn into leads generating posts!

Dream Board Workshops

Because it all starts with a dream! 

I’m available for private dream board making sessions, as well as group coaching. If your business includes a team of people, this workshop is a great way to create a sense of common goal within the team. We can come up with a clear goal for your company and focus this workshop on that goal – that will boost the productivity as well as creativity within your team members. 

I provide all the materials necessary! You provide the location! 

This workshop is great for a girls-night-out with your business partners or friends. In that case, let me know if you need a location, and I can provide you with that, as well.

Create branded promo videos on your phone!

Turn into a filmmaker and WOW! your audience with a unique invitation for your next event! Maybe you want to share behind-the-scenes of your new service or product? I’m going to show you how to do it!

Want to start a YouTube channel with tips and tutorials? We can get you set up in no time!   

You could beat your competitors and get extra reach by making and uploading optimized videos to all the social media platforms, and I’m going to show you how to do it!

In my workshop, I’m going to show you how you can boost your online presence by creating engaging videos using nothing else but your phone. 

I’m going to teach you about how to pick the right angles to shoot your clips, how to add text, music, voice over and more… 

I’m available for group workshops as well as one-on-one private sessions.

My Upcoming Events

Feel free to contact me with any ideas to collaborate on an event. Wheater speaking, group workshop or fundraiser. I can help you promote the event as well as create promo materials! 

For now, feel free to stop by my upcoming events and chit chat! 

Open Studio – The World through Kids Eyes 

It’s an art show showcasing the best images of a group of 7 kids age 7 – 11. 

They worked hard for 6 weeks.

Now it’s time to share their creativity with others! 

August 13th, 6pm. Lehrfeld Farm in San Martin.

More coming soon!

Workshops Gallery

One of my favorite workshops to lead is Dream it. Plan it. Achieve it. 

During that workshop, I help people on a successful journey to achieve their dreams and goals (wheater business goals or more private life related). Creating dream Boards have been a life-changing activity for me, and since I first started making them 4 years ago, I fell in love with them and I’m on the mission to pass the magic along.