I’ve seen it happen too often:

You enter the solopreneurship with the dream of living, breathing and profiting from your passion. However, before you know it, you become another me-too business competing on prices, not having enough interesting content to keep your people coming back. 

You feel like you have so much to offer but your message is not being heard or seen.


If you’re here You know you’re NOT another me-too brand. You’re YOU, and there’s nobody like you out there. You believe you can change the world. 


What YOU have to offer is one of a kind service or product. You have a unique style and your own message behind your business. 


Let’s make your message heard! 

I have a dog called Maggie. I used to have a dog called Di, the love of my life. Then Rosie, short story. When Di passed away, we found a new home for Rosie. No, those events are not related. It just happened like that. Maggie stayed, but in meantime, we also had Muffy and Jitterbug.

When I was a kid everybody called me the “doggy mom”. I wanted to adopt every single dog I came into contact with. Even those who were about to bite my head off. 


I put cayenne pepper in my smoothie

cayenne paper in smoothies

My kids eat with their feet on the table... occasionally...

and I'm trying to have a new attitude towards certain people and events in my life

I’m passionate about women, and their superhuman powers.  

In my self-portrait workshop, I teach women to get rid of the image that comes to mind when they hear the selfie word. A selfish intake on putting yourself in the center of the attention…
The “self-portrait” I see when I use that word is an empty canvas waiting to be filled with an amazingness. And the artist is also you.

I say, use yourself to show to the world who you are inside!!! Tell a story!!! Be involved!!! You are a wonderful part of this world!!! Make your voice heard!!!